Friday, March 7, 2008

By Richard Anderson "Route 223 change sucks!"

Dear S.L. Tribune Et Al, I wrote UTA the following
response to their recent proposal to a Route 223
"Your proposal sucks. I do not approve of this
proposal. One of the U. of U. professors pulled a
whine and cheese act and UTA immediately jumped up to
accommodate her.
UTA would not return "nightride" to the southeast
section of Sugarhouse UTA took away. So, why should
the 100 (plus) of us who used the "nightride" give
approval to this bunk.
UTA did not have a public meeting on this proposal.
UTA did not notify the public when UTA added the 7:09
p.m. 223 bus to the outbound schedule.
She, the U. of U. professor, is not going to get to
arrive at work five minutes earlier.
The Sugarhouse area did not get the return of
"nightride" so why should she get the proposed change
she wants? Richard"
I wrote this response for the following reasons. I
did not send these reasons to UTA.
#1 The routes were cut last October because the UTA
managers wanted their bonuses. I was informed by
"insider information" that the managers had received
their bonuses when they made the route cuts. I was
also informed by the "insider" that UTA planned to cut
driver jobs. This is a violation of the contract UTA
and ATU(Amalgamated Transit Union) agreed to recently.
These managers make more money and bonuses then most
other transit managers. What a shame!
#2 UTA lied about the ridership increase. UTA "cooked"
the figures they claimed they had counted during their
recent UTA TRAX survey.
#3 I agreed with The Deseret(Morning) News article of
January 2007 and a BYU economics professors assessment
that the ridership would not increase or get people to
leave their cars and ride public transit.(verbatim
quotes) The Deseret News article stated that using
public tax money would also not get people out of
their cars. The TRAX spurs were a waste of taxpayer
#4 My, and other riders, time has increased. Every
rider I have a chance to talk to complains about this
sometimes vociferously. The riders also complain about
the numerous transfers they must make.
Instead of taking 40 minutes to get to the downtown
area it now takes me 60 to 90 minutes. If I decide to
ride mid-day it takes longer. IF, I say, IF I am lucky
and the bus/Trax is on time it takes me 66 minutes.
Every day I catch the 6:18 a.m. 223 Route(20th E. 27th
S.). If it is on time I get to the Stadium Trax
Station at 7:10 a.m. There is a 4 minute wait for trax
then another 10 minutes to ride downtown. So where is
my time decrease/speedier arrival as promised by UTA.
#5 UTA has threatened Davis County with cuts in
service for not allocating Davis County public tax
monies to UTA.
#6 The situation that pissed me off the most was
hearing from several of my insiders that this U. of U.
professor continues to pull her "whine with her cheese
act" and complain about one specific driver. This
driver does his/her best at the job. The driver read
several complaints that stated the driver was ten
minutes late on several occasions. This driver told me
that the supervisor checked the UTA GPS and found one
time the driver was late 1.5 seconds.
#7 I am not able to attend downtown nightlife
functions because UTA took away the Sugarhouse area
I have read several "Letters to the Editor"
lately critical of UTA. I agree with the complaints.
UTA had several meetings with Transit Riders Union
membes in my apartment area. All 4 UTA reps came in,
blew smoke in our collective ears,and did nothing.
So, my question to all of you is this,
Why is one U. of U. professor," with a whine with her
cheese act" getting what she wants and those of us who
use bus/trax because we need to get diddly squat?
Richard Anderson SLC UTAH 801-363-5631

Peace,Love,and Gods`Light for all Gods` Children TLNXTTM

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Remy Louviere said...

Oh, come one. I couldn't even read your rant because it is nonsense. Next time you try writing take a few deep breaths, calm down, and act like an adult. This is just hysterical bullshit. I ride 223 and I think it's just fine. If you hate it so much buy a car, otherwise shut yo' mouth.