Thursday, December 27, 2007

One of the Road Blocks to Transportation Freedom

We all know that the biggest block to Transportation Freedom for many disabled and Transit Dependent people is UTA's canceled routes and the rise in bus fares but here is one of the difficulties that people at Preston Place face every time they need to get to the recently relocated Bus stop. The bus stop used to be right in front of their building but was changed to further down the street. You can see a video on Google (Here). With the snowfall this winter the problem gets worse. Here's some pics of the big snow pile which forces the residents of Preston Place to walk into the street.

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Remy Louviere said...

I see, so UTA is supposed to make it stop snowing? You live in Utah. If you can't make it to the bus stop because you are disabled then call UTA and use FlexTrans. If you are just too lazy to shovel your own walks then you are out of luck.